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At Pyxis Cultures, we believe great leaders grow through their own personal development. We find leaders get so caught up in their business lives they forget to find time for themselves. We are committed to help leaders such as you to find the time and space to reflect on the kind of leader you are and expand the possibilities of the kind of leader you want to be.

These core beliefs led us to create the Awaken Your Leadership series of retreats. Each of our retreats will allow you to expand your vision of leadership in multiple ways. Through them, we aim to help you create lasting change in your life by building your leadership capacity and taking it to the next level!

We host public retreats several times a year. These public sessions typically include people from diverse organizations. The variety of participants creates a rich sharing experience for everyone.

We also offer private retreats on-demand for organizations tailored to your particular organizational needs. Do you have a leadership development program for future leaders? Are you looking for a way to help these future leaders develop some personal awareness and enhanced management skills? Are you looking for a way to bond and come together as a management team to work more effectively together?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Pyxis Cultures could be a great fit to support your current and future leaders! Let’s schedule a time to talk about your leadership goals, needs and/or those of your organization to see if we may be the group to take things to the next level! Contact us and we will get back to you quickly!

Our Team
Here is the Pyxis Cultures team that will be hosting the retreat.

Steffan Surdek

Steffan is a much in demand leadership development coach and corporate trainer. He has always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. As a widely recognized principal consultant, his work has a strong business impact, helping reshape business cultures and guiding them in becoming more collaborative and efficient.

Louise Kold-Taylor

Since 2008, Louise has been using disciplines of coaching, facilitation, complexity and systems thinking to focus on the human aspects of technology development and how people thrive and work together to solve complex problems. As an Agile Coach and Culture Change Consultant, she helps clients bring into their organizations more participative and human-centred ways of working.

Genevieve Siko

Geneviève, the founder of Cachet évènements, is our events coordinator at Pyxis Cultures. She is a driven and passionate collaborator, always making sure that everyone around her is well taken care of. She loves projects where she can use and hone her negotiation, representation and administrative skills. Her passion is bringing to life the events her clients dream about!

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Feel free to reach out to us and write us a message. We would love to tell you more about our public retreats or about how we can organize and tailor private retreats for your organization!

We would also love to hear more about your organizational culture or the leaders in your organization and the challenges they are currently facing!

We look forward to hearing from you!