Why does this retreat matter to Louise?

Teamwork in Meeting

I took my first step into the world of leadership and personal development ten years ago. I had a lot of frustration and disappointment in my life. Disappointment with myself and where I was in my professional life. Frustration with people in leadership roles around me and the way I was collaborating with my colleagues. “This cannot be it”, I told myself as I signed up for my first leadership development experience.  

I knew I had ambitions beyond what was my defined role at the time. As an Engineer, I loved formulating theories about what was going on out there in the world. I had to find a way for myself to connect to what is going on in here, in myself and in others. I had to find out what I wanted to create, what I wanted my engineering skills to be in service of.

A significant leadership experience for me was joining a local community group a few years back. The powerful intention to create social changes in our community called me to this group. There, I learned a lot about my personal leadership. I took on designing, convening, hosting and facilitating our group meetings. The results of our efforts? We will see…

I learned from this experience how a clearly, passionately and unapologetically stated intention can draw others in to follow. Often, our biggest obstacle towards this is ourselves. Who am I? Who am I to ask people to follow me? To ask them to give their time to execute my intention? What if we don’t succeed? What if we fail? Then it will be my fault and it will prove that I am not cut out for this leadership thing.

Have you ever heard a little voice too? The one asking: What is this intention? Is it good? Is it inspiring? Is it hopeful? Is it needed in the world? Who am I to neglect this intention? Who am I to prevent people from following this intention? Who am I to prevent people from giving their time and passion? Who am I to prevent people from following me and benefiting from my leadership?

My intention with this retreat

I am walking into this leadership retreat with the following intentions:

  • It is my intention to co-create a space where authentic conversations can happen. We have a lot to share and learn from each other.
  • It is my intention to co-create an atmosphere of trust so that we can listen to feedback from others. Their feedback is a gift they are offering us. They are extending our vision by letting us see ourselves through their eyes.
  • It is my intention to show up as relaxed and authentic as I can. I will not let my level of French cause me to feel left out.
  • It is my intention to extend care and respect for everyone showing up. I recognize the courage, the will and the commitment to be in service of positive change.

Will you join us?

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