Transformational Leadership Package, Feb. 2020

$4,495.00 $4,195.00

Awaken Your Personal Leadership (French only)


Register before December 1st 2019 and save $300 (Regular price $4,495.00)*

This complete package includes:
The entire Retreat Only package:
  • Participation in the two and a half day retreat (Sunday through Tuesday)
  • 2 nights accommodation at the Auberge West Brome
  • 3 meals per day in the restaurant hotel (including a glass of wine at supper)
  • 2 follow-up 90 minutes community zoom calls after the retreat
and Personalized leadership coaching program that includes:
  • 1x 60 minutes discovery coaching call before the retreat
  • 10x 60 minutes coaching calls after the retreat
* Similar retreat packages in the same price range typically DO NOT INCLUDE meals and lodging.
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This complete Transformational Leadership package is the ultimate way to get the most out of your Awaken Your Personal Leadership retreat experience.

This package includes everything in the basic Retreat Only package, such as participation in the two and a half day retreat, two nights lodging at the hotel, three meals a day (including a glass of wine at supper).

Additionally, this package includes a personalized leadership coaching program to allow you to put into practice some of your key learnings from the retreat… all while getting powerful and personalized expert support!

At a high-level, here is how the coaching program works:

  • A 60 minute discovery session: Before the retreat, you will have a call with your coach for a 60-minute discovery session. In this call you will talk about your leadership challenges with your coach and start identifying some goals or personal leadership edges you would like to work on. This will help you have clear focus and maximize your experience during the retreat.
  • Ten 60 minute coaching calls: Following the retreat, you will have regular calls with your coach (every two or three weeks) to work through and achieve your personalized goals. You will have high level powerful support to help you fully integrate your learnings.
  • Between coaching calls, you will have access to e-mail support from your coach as well.

Please note only three “Transformational Leadership” packages are available for this retreat. They are available on a first come, first served basis.

The total value of this package is $5,995.00. For this retreat only we are offering this complete support package for a special price of $4,495.00. 

Let us know if you would like to have a quick conversation to see which package will serve you best and we will be happy to do so.  We hope you lean in into our retreat and this exclusive Transformational Leadership Package!

We look forward to supporting you and helping your leadership create even more powerful engagement from the people around you!


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