Abdoul shares his experience

Abdoul is a service assurance manager working in the IT / Telecom industry. He participated in our May 2019 retreat. A few weeks after the event, we contacted him to see if he wanted to share some thoughts about his experience. Abdoul graciously accepted to answer our questions and accepted that we share them as a testimonial as well.

Here is what Abdoul had to share.

I signed up for the retreat because I was thinking / wondering / hoping / worried about / struggling with / committed to …

I had difficulties expressing my leadership inside my team. Once at the retreat, I immediately felt I would be able to exchange with other people who work in different domains and that I would benefit from the support of the Surdek team. The approach was very respectful and I really enjoyed learning from the experience of the group.

If you were talking to your best friend and encouraging them to attend this event, what would you share with them?

I would strongly recommend that he registers for this retreat. As a group, we were able to externalize our emotions and address subjects that touched both our professional and personal lives. The group sessions are rich and meaningful and the coaching team encourages us to express ourselves without restraint and express our leadership. I learned to discover myself more deeply, express my point of view without restraint and assert my arguments with confidence.

Question: What had the biggest impact on you? Did a transformation occur? A mind shift change? If so, please tell us about what changed.

By the end of the retreat, I gained more confidence in myself. With the new challenges that await me professionally, I feel ready to assume my leadership, be present and available for my team and encourage in-depth reflections and new ideas to deal with all management situations.

In my personal life, I am beginning to realize that I need to better manage my stress and my communication with my spouse and my children. Listening to the stories of the life experiences of other participants increased my self-awareness and this had an immediate impact on improving my relationship with the world around me.

I am more attentive and more aware of the impact of my words in my exchanges both professionally as well as in my relationships with the people with whom I am very close. I questioned myself about the way I communicate. Before, in my conversations, I wanted to answer the person in front of me without really listening to him and I often spoke more than necessary. Now, I take more time to listen to the person to better answer him in a succinct way.

If you had one thing that you could share about this event (one message or one experience), what would that be?

The enchanting setting of the location and the amenities were very rejuvenating. The organization was impeccable. We had everything we needed at our disposal with the quality lunch and supper breaks.

What were the three key moments for you during the event? Why?

The initial presentation of each participant on the first night. Their life experiences were so enriching and unique that each person’s journey could be the subject of a novel.

The late evening walk on the second day where we had to do a self-discovery activity by going deeply questioning who we really are.

The end of the retreat where we had to talk about each other individually. Beautiful!

What did you learn at the retreat that you are not trying to apply in your everyday life?

Here are some things that I learned during the retreat that I am trying to apply now in my everyday life both in my strong involvement as a volunteer and in my professional settings:

  • Becoming more intentional in my leadership approach
  • Developing a very competent and self-sufficient team
  • Energizing, motivating and mobilizing my troops, and conserving this positive energy
  • Concentrating my efforts and the efforts of my team on the things which really matter

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I strongly recommend to people who want to awaken their personal leadership to sign up for this retreat. It is both useful and enjoyable and you get amazing support from professionals that ready to listen to you, guide you and give you great tools you can use after.

Thank you very much Abdoul for taking part in our leadership retreat! We are very happy that you enjoyed your experience! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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