Beatrice shares her experience

Beatrice is a portfolio manager working in IT / Telecom industry.She participated in our October 2018 retreat. A few months after the event, we contacted her to see if she wanted to share some thoughts about her experience. Beatrice graciously accepted to answer our questions and accepted that we share them as a testimonial as well.

Here is what Beatrice had to share.

Question: I signed up for the retreat because I was thinking / wondering / hoping / worried about / struggling with / committed to …

I felt that I needed to take a moment to take a step back because my life was rolling along at a crazy pace. I needed to see the big picture of where I wanted to go in my life and in my career. I wanted to take the time and space for an introspection to make sure that I was giving myself the right means to achieve my goals.

Question: If you were talking to your best friend and encouraging them to attend this event, what would you share with them?

This retreat is about taking a moment for yourself because life goes by so fast. I feel like we sometimes forget that we have the right and the duty to take some quiet time for personal reflexion. In our daily lives we get lost by the crazy pace and our need to perform at work. We are afraid to show and talk about our weaknesses and it can feel as if there is nowhere to go for help.

We need a place to take a closer look at ourselves and reflect think about where we are at in our lives. This retreat is exactly that kind of place.

Question: What had the biggest impact on you? Did a transformation occur? A mind shift change? If so, please tell us about what changed.

Two things had a big impact on me. The first was being able to share so openly with other people. It was interesting to see that we are not alone going through our various life experiences and that we are all on a similar journey. One of the participants shared many of her life stories with us and I could recognize myself in many of them. She allowed me to put new words, name and better understand what I was experiencing in my life.

The second thing that had a big impact was that it allowed me to see my life and my career in a much larger perspective. I used to look at my life on a five or ten year horizon but this experienced force me to look much further. It also widened my perspective and forced me to bring together my personal and professional lives. It helped me better understand what was truly important for me in my life.

Question: If you had one thing that you could share about this event (one message or one experience), what would that be?

I came out with a new perspective and with a newfound peace around many things in my personal and professional life. This is a personal development experience that touches all aspects of our lives.

Question: What were the three key moments for you during the event? Why?

Right at the start, the realization that we could share openly in a secure atmosphere. The level of trust and openness between participants was extraordinary. There was a lot of respect in the room.

The exploration around living a designed life really touched me. It was a powerful moment that allowed me to see my life differently than how I used to see it.

The five Tribal Leadership stages was also a key moment. The last stage “Life is great!” was very inspiring for me.

Question: What did you learn at the retreat that you are not trying to apply in your everyday life?

I concentrate and focus more on the things with importance now. I look at life through a different lens now. In my professional life, I put more emphasis on the aspects that I like or that I would like to develop or push myself further.

I found new meaning in my everyday work. I now see the importance for me to align my professional life with things that light me up, bring me pleasure and allow me to have an impact on the people around me.

Thank you very much Beatrice for taking part in our leadership retreat! We are very happy that you enjoyed your experience! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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