Emil shares his experience

Emil Rancu is an Customer Service Manager at CDVI Americas. He attended our initial retreat in May 2018 and a few months after the event, we reached out to her to ask him if he would like to share his thoughts on his experience at the retreat. He graciously accepted to answer our questions and that we share his answers with you.

Here is what Emil had to share.

Question: I signed up for the retreat because I was thinking / wondering / hoping / worried about / struggling with / committed to …

I was looking for ways to learn through other professionals, how to better exercise my leadership as a Customer Care Manager within my organization. I found the formula proposed for the retreat was a good opportunity to learn and absorb new leadership tips.

If you were talking to your best friend and encouraging them to attend this event, what would you share with them?

I would tell him there is no better place to trigger your inner leadership potential than the environment of this retreat. You will discover your leadership opportunities in all aspects of your life. This includes work, family matters and other personal endeavours. You will learn a lot about yourself and share tools with mentors and other participants in a relaxed environment.

What had the biggest impact on you? Did a transformation occur? A mind shift change? If so, please tell us about what changed.

Thinking about it, there is one thing that had a big impact on me. I realized no matter the field we are coming from, we are all dealing with the same challenges. Whether working on our team projects at work or in our personal lives, the challenges the other participants faced were very similar to mine.

If you had one thing that you could share about this event (one message or one experience), what would that be?

The cost of the retreat included everything: the room, food and the support from the coaches.

The participants always assisted each other with an open heart. This created a more reassuring experience for me despite sometimes being out of my comfort zone. The coaches listened to us, suggested solutions and also offered us different perspectives. Having the time to do all those personal introspections and then hearing the stories of others as well was a wonderful bonus.

This leadership retreat was full of leaders willing to look at themselves and share their experiences. Everyone should be able to take advantage of this kind of opportunity! Thank you all!

Thank you very much for being part of the retreat Emil! We are glad you enjoyed your experience!


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