Josée shares her experience

Josée is a Scrum Master in the IT domain. She participated in our May 2019 retreat. A few months after the event, we contacted her to see if he wanted to share some thoughts about her experience. Josée graciously accepted to answer our questions and accepted that we share them as a testimonial as well.

Here is what Josée had to share.

I signed up for the retreat because I was thinking / wondering / hoping / worried about / struggling with / committed to …

I was looking for tools and ways for not letting my leadership be controlled by my emotions. I wanted to take control of my thoughts and my actions.

If you were talking to your best friend and encouraging them to attend this event, what would you share with them?

Yes without any hesitation. I would tell him to trust the process and to dare to do it. It is an experience which brings us self-discovery and a better understanding ourselves and others. The journey is very specific to each participant combined with constant sharing with the group. It is special and hard to describe, you have to experience it!

What had the biggest impact on you? Did a transformation occur? A mind shift change? If so, please tell us about what changed.

I think that what had the biggest effect on me was to share this experience with a group of people. The human experience is what changed me more than anything. I had not realized how much my leadership was part of all aspects of my life. I thought it was mainly part of my professional life.

Going through this experience with other people of different origins and experiences greatly enriched our discussions. It is a fairly simple realization but it changed the perception that I had of others and of myself.

If you had one thing that you could share about this event (one message or one experience), what would that be?

When launching ourselves in an experience such as this, there is always a bit of apprehension on what we will say or what other people will think. Steffan really succeed in giving us the safe space necessary to participate in such this kind of event. Furthermore, we find ourselves with a group of people who, like us, have a goal of improving and becoming better leaders. The conditions could not be any better.

What were the three key moments for you during the event? Why?

I would say that my experience was a key moment that came through as a crescendo of reflexions, sharing and realizations. The journey and the topics are well thought out and are presented in a logical order. It allows us to do a gradual introspection which is very effective.

The reflections that I had got clearer and richer from one activity to the next. In particular, we did a “word map” on my perceptions of the word conflict. This helped me understand that I was categorizing my impact as negative each time things were more difficult. In the exercise, I realized that what I could see as negative could be transformed into something positive if I clarified my intentions in the conversations.

The moment before returning to our respective lives and telling each other goodbye was another moment which will remain engraved in me.

What did you learn at the retreat that you are not trying to apply in your everyday life?

“Intentions”, “Impact” and “would I choose to follow myself?” I give myself the goal of starting the day keeping these three things in mind. I end each day by  circling back and reflecting on these points to close the loop.

Focusing on these three things allows me to realize right away if I am acting in a conscious way or if my emotions are about to take over. Questioning myself every day on my impact and the type of leader that I am allows me to make corrections which I did not do in a consistent way in the past.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The fact this retreat is at a location such as Auberge West Brome is, I believe, one of the details that made my experience so rich. This introspection bubble that we shared would not have been the same in different conditions. Thanks to Steffan and his team for the attention to details that allowed us to experience this retreat in such a wonderful way.

Thank you very much Josée for taking part in our leadership retreat! We are very happy that you enjoyed your experience! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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