Lauranne shares her experience (part 1)

In our May 2019 retreat, our colleague Lauranne Vera experienced the event as a participant to better understand the experience of the people that join us at the event. She generously decided to record a series of videos to share with you her journey throughout the retreat.

In this first video of the series, Lauranne shares her impressions following the first night (Sunday night) our “Awaken your personal leadership” retreat.

The videos are in french but we subtitled them for you if you want to listen to them. Below, you will find a summarized transcript of what Lauranne shared in the video.

Thoughts on the first night

“The first night of the retreat is over so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how it felt for me and the overall experience. I found it super cool!  I arrived here a bit apprehensive, kind of wondering: Where am I going with this? Where will this lead me?”

“I realize that tonight was mainly about creating a safe space for people to speak. In any case, I can say that I felt safe. I had the impression I had some pre-built ideas and judgments at the start about the experience, maybe about certain participants and how things were going to go. At the end of this first night, I found that a lot of these melted away because we got to know each person.”

“I also got to see how Steffan was coaching us through this. It really created something with a shared feeling of well-being and intimacy between participants which allowed us to understand each other better. At least, I had a feeling of better understanding people and getting to know them a bit. It was really cool. Oh… the other thing that stuck with me is that the food here is really amazing!”

“So that’s it… You can see that I am a bit tired with these circles under my eyes but I am super happy with my first night. I am looking forward to the next two days.”

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