Lauranne shares her experience (part 2)

In our May 2019 retreat, our colleague Lauranne Vera experienced the event as a participant to better understand the experience of the people that join us at the event. She generously decided to record a series of videos to share with you her journey throughout the retreat.

In this second video of the series, Lauranne shares her impressions following the first full day (Monday) of our “Awaken your personal leadership” retreat.

The videos are in french but we subtitled them for you if you want to listen to them. Below, you will find a summarized transcript of what Lauranne shared in the video.

Thoughts on the daytime sessions

“So I wanted to take a moment to share with you my impressions on the second day of the retreat. So today we spoke about a lot of topics that I had already heard before about because I work with Steffan every day…”

“I realized today that even if I had heard about these topics and even if I more or less knew what they were about… Asking ourselves questions like: What does this represent for us? What is this topic for us? In which situations can this apply in our life in general?  It is totally different because we do not ask ourselves these kinds of questions.”

“Actually, it is even rather difficult… There were some reflection questions where I asked myself: « Ok, in which situations can I apply this ? » I know this applies to me but I could not find a specific situation because sometimes, you do not know what you do not know so I did not notice this kind of thing before… It was a rich experience but I was very confused because although I know that I learned some things but I am not sure what exactly and I do not know how I can apply it… “

“I was also very confused about the results I would get out of applying it and where we were going with this. I understood the idea and I understood what we were doing but I was not able to understand exactly what I was going to learn so I was very confused at that point just before supper time.”

Thoughts on the evening session

“Actually, it’s kind of funny because tonight, right after supper, everything started to change for me a bit. I connected a lot more with the exercises that we did with Steffan. It even touched my emotional side…”

“I am fundamentally a very emotional person and I think that since the start of the retreat I saw this more like personal reflection questions and really taking a look at ourselves in our lives. So yes it touched my memories and reminded me what I could do with my leadership at this level but it had not touched my emotional side yet.”

“In the evening session, I felt my emotions kicking in and I really learned some much deeper things about myself through exercises that are really not so scary. At least personally I was not afraid of the exercises and it brought me so many things… “

Some closing thoughts

“I find it’s kind of crazy… Last night created a feeling of closeness in the group that I have never seen get created so quickly before. We very very quickly dove into deep topics… well, maybe not always deep but topics that touched us personally. We created a safe space for each other but I really do not know how… I think that Steffan has a lot to do with it though and I find it a lot of fun.“

“One small take away for me today is something I shared as feedback about my day. I found it weird because I was feeling a lot more grounded. I had such a strong feeling of presence. I could feel the chair that I was sitting on. I could feel every single part of my body that was in contact with the chair and with the ground…”

“It was really a bit weird because I was tired from the day but I had this general feeling of well-being… I was calm, I felt confident, it was really a cool feeling.  This retreat is a bit mysterious for me because I do not know where this feeling of well-being and being grounded is coming from. I do not know yet what this is creating for me but I know that I am feeling this way but that’s it. There are things happening today for me that I do not understand but I feel it doing something to me.”

“I feel this is important for me and that it will help me. So I am super enthusiastic to see the third and final day but also to see what this will provoke for me in a week, two weeks, a month, two months. I think that I have some work to do for this and just like for everyone else, this will keep stirring inside me…”

“Already even in the discussions that I sometimes have or at least, the ones I had tonight with other people I am realizing that the topics we spoke about today are recurring in my life in general. I see them a lot more easily now so I really learned some things.”

“I think that in the next few weeks I will realize… what I really learned and the impact this experience had on me and I am just curious about what will happen next.”

“So really interesting second day and a lot more emotional for me.”

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