Nathalie shares her experience

Nathalie Désautels is an Agile Coach at Pyxis Technologies. She attended our initial retreat in May 2018 and a few months after the event, we reached out to her to ask her if she would like to share her thoughts on her experience at the retreat. She graciously accepted to answer our questions and that we share her answers with you.

Here is what Nathalie had to share.

Question: I signed up for the retreat because I was thinking / wondering / hoping / worried about / struggling with / committed to …

I love to do experiences that allow me to discover my blind spots. I was having some difficulties at work and I decided to attend the retreat to try to find some answers.

If you were talking to your best friend and encouraging them to attend this event, what would you share with them?

This experience is a super moment where you will be well surrounded and guided to take a few days for a little journey to take a closer look at yourself. You will find tools to become a better person which in turn will help you become a better leader. Everything in happens in a peaceful, secure place with exceptional food!

What had the biggest impact on you? Did a transformation occur? A mind shift change? If so, please tell us about what changed.

Yes, I experienced a transformation during the retreat. I discovered one of my limiting beliefs towards doing new things and generally around things I need to do. This belief led me to procrastinate and avoid doing these things I needed to do to move forward. This typically pushed me to act out of desperation when I no longer had a choice and my back was against the wall.

During the retreat, I freed myself from this belief. I now act with a lot more energy, confidence and joy in my everyday life.

If you had one thing that you could share about this event (one message or one experience), what would that be?

The retreat happens through teaching moments and group sharing a little bit like a discussion forum. I quickly felt comfortable sharing with these people that I did not even know when I got there.

The facilitators act with a lot of humility and courage which creates a space that is encourages and allows us to be true selves around others in the group.

Thank you very much for being part of the retreat Nathalie! We are glad you enjoyed your experience!

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